Norms & standards

General norms & standards

Compliance with VON ARDENNE standards by our suppliers is an important component of quality assurance. If a standard is relevant for an order item, we refer to the corresponding standard (hereinafter referred to as VA standard) in the respective specification.

Below you will find an overview of the standards, which you can download in the latest version. If you have any questions about a standard, please feel free to contact your responsible buyer.

Requirements for the production of vacuum components

This VA standard describes basic instructions and expectations that are placed on the manufacture of vacuum components at VON ARDENNE. Requests for deviation approval must be made using the appropriate form (Request for Construction Deviation).

Leak test by means of pressure increase method

This VA standard describes the test requirement according to the pressure increase method to be used to demonstrate the serviceability of vacuum vessels and pipes (Class 4 components according to AN3005) with regard to their leak tightness.

Leak test by means of test gas

This VA standard describes the test requirements to be used to demonstrate the serviceability of vacuum components with regard to their leak tightness.

Requirements for the testing of pipes and vessels

This VA standard describes the test requirements for ensuring and verifying the serviceability of pipes and vessels with regard to their leak tightness and strength.

Implementation of welding and brazing products

This VA standard describes requirements for the design and manufacture of welding and brazing products for VON ARDENNE.

Surface treatment by blasting

This VA standard describes basic instructions and expectations that are set at VON ARDENNE for the implementation of surface treatment by blasting.

Technical requirements for lip seals

This VA standard specifies the para­meters to be specified for lip seals with profile dimensions 10 x 13.4 to ensure functionality appropriate to the application.

Color assignment for extruded materials

This VA standard specifies the color assign­ment by material for extruded materials and describes the possibility of color shades in the specified color assign­ment.

Labeling assembled cables and lines

This VA Standard describes Assembled cables and wires shall be labeled during production to ensure the uniformity of all electrical components in VA systems.

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Technical approvals

The following documents serve as templates for recording required test results (for specific components), documenting deviations, and correcting them.

Inspection protocol for the inspection of pipes and vessels

Submission of a test report for documenting test results for pipes and vessels.

Request for deviation/ modification approval
[Special approval]

Submission of an application for special approval in case of technical deviations from the specification.

8D report template

Submission of an 8D report as part of the processing of a critical quality deviation.

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