Quality management system
Alignment and objective

The VON ARDENNE quality promise: The highest reliability of our products with simultaneous use of innovative and powerful technology.

VON ARDENNE's established quality management system is consistently aligned with this promise.

The focus is on meeting customer expectations and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction throughout the entire product life cycle, as well as continuously improving the quality and reliability of our products and processes.

Our quality management system has been certified according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 for many years and is aligned with the company's strategic goals.

We use a variety of tools for advanced quality planning and maintain a holistic, interdisciplinary control loop for quality assurance with a stringent defect management process.

Quality approaches

Quality approaches
In the business processes

1. Order Generation & Sales

We ensure that all customer requirements are recorded and evaluated in an interdisciplinary bidding process.

2. Engineering

Our engineering (mechanics, electrical system, technology) accompanies the customer-specific development of systems with a comprehensive safety assessment.

Within project planning, standardized review gates are used for verification and alignment between the actual status and customer requirements.

3. Procurement

Strategic supplier management at VON ARDENNE is a direct component of quality-oriented project management. This ensures that the qualification and further development of our suppliers is consistently aligned with project requirements.

Specific advance quality planning is carried out using various instruments and methods based on a risk assessment of the design.

4. Production & commissioning

The evaluation of material quality is system-based and multi-level.

An acceptance and qualification process adapted to the complexity and degree of novelty ensures optimum error prevention and early detection.

All results are included in the verification of system functionality and compliance with customer requirements.

5. Service & After Sales

The systematic and stringent fault management process takes the complete system life cycle into account. It includes a sound error analysis and sustainable correction as well as prevention.

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Jan Fiebig

Head of QualityVON ARDENNE GmbH