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The properties of surfaces and interfaces are often decisive for the functionality of a component or a product. These properties can be specifically modified by coatings. Often, the coatings must only be a few atomic layers thick in order to function. These coatings must have a very homogeneous structure and be free of impurities. And this can only be achieved by deposition under vacuum conditions.

VON ARDENNE specializes in physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes. The coating material is transferred to a vapor stream and condenses as an adhesive layer on the component. Material, composition, structure and thickness influence the electrical, optical, chemical, thermal or mechanical properties of the entire component. 

From the beginning in the 1950s, VON ARDENNE was involved in the development of electron beam evaporation. And VON ARDENNE also took a pioneering role in the development of magnetron sputtering technology in the 1970s.

Both processes are still the most important technologies in our coating systems. This is because they are extremely versatile and have been industrially proven. 

In addition, other technologies of the VON ARDENNE Group, such as ion beam processes or arc evaporation as well as chemical vapor deposition processes (PECVD or ALD), can be integrated into the company's coating systems.

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FCVC 2024

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IEEE PVSC Conf. Seattle 2024

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