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The importance of packaging materials is often neglected or questioned. Nevertheless, they play a crucial role. Packaging materials are not only needed to transport the contents. They also protect them from external influences.

Barrier layers are used to protect a product from environmental conditions such as water vapor or oxygen. Vacuum deposition is one way to apply these layers to flexible substrates. Applications range from packaging for highly sensitive electronic components, such as LEDs or solar cells, to food packaging. Different processes are used depending on the requirements of the market.

VON ARDENNE offers solutions for the generation of barrier layers on flexible polymer films with PVD technologies for various applications. For example, together with various research institutions, we have developed sputtering processes for effective high-barrier layers for the packaging of electronic components.

However, our main focus is on transparent SiOx barrier layers for sustainable food packaging. With our roll-to-roll coating systems, our customers are able to meet the requirements of their markets.

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Dr. Markus Piwko

Industry ManagerVON ARDENNE GmbH