Global Enterprise and modern employer

VON ARDENNE is a modern family-owned company.

We face up to the social and ecological challenges of our time. In a family-friendly environment, our employees develop and manufacture sophisticated high-tech products. Our plants and technologies make a decisive contribution to the energy turnaround and enable efficient use of natural resources.

Vacuum technology for a sustainable future

VON ARDENNE has been one of the global pioneers in the development and manufacturing of vacuum coating systems and technologies for decades. They are used in future-oriented industries and are key to producing sustainable products. These include solar cells and solar modules, thermal insulation and automotive glazing, fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries, as well as microelectronic components for sensors and optics.

Cutting-edge technology thrives best under cutting-edge conditions

Continuous growth and long-term corporate development are of upmost importance to us. In doing so, we live a culture characterized by expert knowledge, creative freedom and team spirit. Working at VON ARDENNE means seizing opportunities and courageously breaking new ground.

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Europe, Asia, North America

"The North American markets for renewables and semiconductors have undergone significant transformations, resulting in a robust demand for the expertise of our VON ARDENNE North America team. I encourage you to review our current vacancies and submit an application with the aspiration of joining our talented group as our latest team member."

Brian Cohen

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