VON ARDENNE is a modern family busi­ness. We stand for cutting-edge technology, sustainable growth and face up to the social and ecological challenges of our time. Res­pons­ible inter­action with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners in society is part of our self-image.

This includes the sustain­able use of resources as well as the development of equipment and technologies that enable the eco­logically and economically sustain­able manufacture of products. Our business activities are guided by ethical principles.

By promoting education and culture, we make a contribution to society and its future.


Carefully handling ...

... the resources available to us and avoiding environmental pollution are among the strategically important tasks of the VON ARDENNE Group.

One of our key targets is significantly reducing the CO2 footprint at our sites in Europe, Asia and the USA by 2030.

Site concepts & energy management

We want to sustainably reduce the energy requirements of our sites. The focus here is on intelligent energy management, with which we are pursuing a cross-building concept for heat recovery to supply our buildings with heating energy in Dresden, for example. Another focus is the expansion of photovoltaic systems on our buildings to supply electricity.

CO2 reduction

Reducing our CO2 emissions is a key element of our sustainability goals. In addition to reducing our energy con­sump­tion, decisive factors include the proximity of our suppliers to shorten delivery routes, alter­native trans­port solutions for global shipping, as well as the reduction of technologies based on fossil fuels. We are currently identifying the CO2 drivers of our sites, products and supply chains and defining suitable reduction measures.

Active waste management

We establish end-to-end waste management, incor­porating our supply chains and all storage locations. In this context, using alter­native packaging materials and reducing packaging weights can sustainably reduce our waste volume. The medium-term goal is to increase the pro­portion of recycled vessels and avoid environ­mentally hazardous substances.


Design for Sustainability ...

... at VON ARDENNE stands for continuously improving our processes and further developing our portfolio with a consistent focus on our sustainable, resource-saving production solutions.

Our main topics

The focus is on the following topics:

  • Transparency and reduction of consumption
  • Reduction of the equipment footprint for manufacturing and in operation
  • Circular economy & use of recycled raw materials
  • Substitution of environmentally hazardous substances
  • End-of-life solutions for our systems
Our portfolio's contribution to resource conservation

Buildings consume significantly less energy for heating and cooling if their glazing is provided with thermal and solar insulation layers. VON ARDENNE supplies the appropriate coating systems for this purpose.

VON ARDENNE systems and technologies enable the production of high-efficiency cells within the production of PV cells and modules.

Our digital solutions help to automate production processes, increase system productivity, use resources more efficiently, and reduce scrap and therefore waste.

Energy-optimized solutions for vacuum generation and heating of substrates are already standard in our systems.

Supply chains

Ethical Principles ...

... characterize the way we deal with each other not only within the VON ARDENNE Group. They also determine our business relationships with external partners. Our Code of Conduct provides specific guidelines for this and we expect our suppliers to base their activities on these guidelines.

Sustainable supply chain

Stable and long-term partnerships with our suppliers are of great importance to us. Transparency and reliability are an important basis for developing and implementing sustainable value creation strategies.

Supplier portal

Short delivery routes

As a family business, we rely heavily on regional and European suppliers. This allows us to cooperate intensively to develop and implement innovations and is the basis for sustainable value creation.

As a globally active mechanical engineering company, we also have access to a strong network of global, non-European suppliers. This allows us to secure access to innovative technologies and competitive cost structures. Regional value chains in the markets of our global suppliers also ensure short distances.


Diversity as a driver for innovation ...

... is key to us at VON ARDENNE with a view to our employees in all their dimensions: gender, age, origin, and individual professional backgrounds. Our cooperation is characterized by mutual respect, sincerity and the common understanding of a trustful collaboration. Both our employees and the development of our company benefit in the long term from our open and inclusive corporate culture.

Cultural diversity

An important building block for us is the expansion of our intercultural team and the promotion of a local understanding of culture. Both the exchange with our global customers and the exchange of our employees between the respective locations strengthens intercultural competence "on and off the job."  We continue to advance this through targeted training of our employees for the respective markets.

Corporate culture

Our flexible work culture allows all employees to balance their professional needs with their private interests. In return, we offer the ability for employees to individually arrange their working hours, both for on site and mobile working. Our employees value the open feedback culture, the team spirit and the appreciative interaction that have characterized VON ARDENNE for many years.

Employee development

We provide an environment where employees with new and different views and perspectives are given every opportunity to make a difference. To this end, we rely on regular surveys, annual development meetings, development programs for managers and those with high potential, as well as a comprehensive training program.


As a Saxon company, VON ARDENNE is closely connected with the region and its inhabitants. We express this solidarity in our commitment to education, science, research, the environment, sports and culture.

We support [selection]:

In addition, we support our employees in the projects and associations in which they are active.

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Beatrice Thümmler

Senior Manager Group Strategy & SustainabilityVON ARDENNE GmbH