Everything but standard

That's why VON ARDENNE not only offers exciting tasks. As a responsible and attractive employer, we offer you a lot more.

The benefits are company paid and available 1st day of employment.




We offer a competitive wage.

Based on performance an annual bonus may be available.

We appreciate our employees and recognize them with monetary awards as well as celebrating their contribution to the company.

The company provides a 3% match with each pay.

VON ARDENNE encourages employees to continue their education and training by providing tuition reimbursement.

Medical benefits

The Company provides medical insurance at no cost for the employees. Employees are eligible day 1 of employment.

Dental premiums are paid for by the Company. Employees are eligible day 1 of employment.

Vision premiums are paid for by the Company. Employees are eligible day 1 of employment.

VON ARDENNE will contribute $110 per payroll to eligible employee’s HSA account effective upon hire.


VON ARDENNE provides eligible employees with $25, 000 of group life insurance. Coverage begins on date of hire.

A disability plan is designated to minimize financial hardship by providing employees with a portion of their income in case they are unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness or injury. VANA provides disability coverage at no cost to the employee and the insurance starts on date of hire.

An extension of the Short-term disability plan is long term disability. This plan is also provided at no cost to the employee and insurance starts on date of hire.


Paid time off

Paid time off is granted upon hire and increase depending upon length of service.

Paid time off for illness and appointments of employee or family member.

Up to 10 days are paid to observe nationally recognized holidays.

VON ARDENNE pays for paid time off to eligible employees for the birth of child or placement of a child.

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