Metallization System

The MINIMET is a fully auto­matic multi-chamber coating system for de­posi­ting a metal­lic layer and a pro­tec­tive layer. This is pri­mari­ly done on plastic com­po­nents and in optically high quality.

The system operates in batch mode in parallel and synchronously with the injection molding systems. It can be auto­ma­tical­ly loaded and un­load­ed with sub­strates using a robot.

By syn­chro­niz­ing plastic injection molding and me­tal­liz­ation, you can elimi­nate nu­mer­ous trans­port and stor­age steps and opti­mize the quality and re­pro­du­ci­bili­ty of the coat­ing.

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Short cycle time down to 40 seconds

due to multi-chamber design

Ready for integration into fully automatic production lines

due to short cycle times

Low mounting costs

due to horizontal material flow

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