Magnet Bars
for Rotatable Magnetrons

In thin-film coating applications, magnetic fields play an important role when using sputtering as the  deposition method. Magnetic fields have a significant impact on coating results like layer homogeneity and coating characteristics.

Apart from the coating results, magnet fields have a major influence on costs per coated area. A high-quality magnetic field can support a long campaign time through a high utilization of target material.

VON ARDENNE magnet bars are state of the art in technology. We have installed more than 2000 of them in all fields of coating application. 

In the development of our magnet bars, we focus on target erosion, layer uniformity, process stability and application-depending field strengths.

They are available in a wide range of strengths and lengths and are inspected in our in-house facilities for quality control.

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Long campaign duration

due to maximum target utilization

Best coating uniformity in the market

due to optimally designed magnetic field

Selectable magnetic field strength

for optimum coating properties

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Ronny Borchel

Product Manager Plasma ComponentsVON ARDENNE GmbH