Linear Ion Source

The VON ARDENNE Linear Ion Source LION® is a component that is suitable for pretreatment and surface modification. It helps remove hydrocarbons and works with argon and, if necessary, with additional oxygen.

The ion beam of the LION® is strongly focused and highly energetic. Therefore, it is an ideal device for inline coating systems that require physical etching. Due to its simple and robust design, the ion source is easily scalable.

The main applications for the LION® are large-area glass coating and metal strip coating. It is available as a remote mounted version with an adjustable incidence angle or as a flange mount version.

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Long campaign times of up to four weeks

through the use of proven technology

Excellent uniformity of the etching

through an optimized field design

Easy adaptation to your requirements

due to a modular & scalable design

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Ronny Borchel

Product Manager Plasma ComponentsVON ARDENNE GmbH