Smart Glass
Coating Equipment for Switchable Glazing

As a manufacturer or coater of switchable glass, you need coating equipment that is adapted to your process. This also applies to processes with heated substrates. Here, it comes down to the best technical solution to ensure a consistent process with low energy requirements.

We offer coating systems tailored to your needs, with which you can apply transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coatings. An example of such coatings is indium tin oxide (ITO), which enables dynamic switching of an applied electrical voltage.

What do we mean by smart glass?

Increasingly, coating solutions that enable dynamic changes in the properties of the glazing are gaining traction. We call this class of glass products "smart glass".

Such applications include switchable privacy glass that can be switched from transparent to opaque on demand. Another application is electrochromic glass, which provides adaptive sun and heat protection, or is known to us all as a dimmable car rearview mirror.

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Market-leading experience

with equipment for coating heated glass substrates

Expertise for transparent conductive oxides

especially ITO

Flexible equipment platform for vertical coating

with & without carrier

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