with 3D models

Digital Bill of Materials with Integrated 3D Models

In the world of vacuum coating, precision and efficiency are crucial. But how can you ensure that your maintenance and repair processes run seamlessly, without costly downtime and delays?

Our answer: The electronic 3D spare parts catalog, the innovation that will transform your industry. Discover the future of spare and wear parts management!

Our solution not only offers efficiency gains, but also cost savings and improved overall performance.

Ready for the revolution? Contact us today to find out how our 3D electronic spare parts catalog can optimize your business processes. We are your partner for change in the world of vacuum coating!

Why our electronic 3D spare parts catalog is a must-have?

Instant access to comprehensive information: Gone are the days when you had to spend hours searching for printed catalogs or endless email correspondences. With our 3D spare parts catalog, you will have all the information you need in a few seconds.

3D visualization: View spare parts in stunning 3D detail. This enables precise identification and facilitates communication between your teams.

Reduced downtime: Thanks to faster identification and procurement of spare parts, you minimize downtime and significantly increase the productivity of your equipment.

Simplified ordering processes: With our catalog, you can order spare parts directly and easily, saving time and resources.

Timeliness and accuracy: Our database is continuously updated to ensure that you are always up to date and receive parts in the correct specification.

Environmentally friendly: Reduce paper consumption and contribute to sustainability by relying on digital solutions

Your Challenge - Our Solution
Your Challenge - Our Solution

Digital image of your system

as a 3D model

Fast visual identification

of spare and wear parts

Saves time & effort

through optimized ordering process

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