Ex-Situ Measuring Systems
For Vacuum Coating

VON ARDENNE Ex-Situ GC measurement systems were developed for quality assurance and quality monitoring of coatings on glass. You can use them for functional coatings for photovoltaic applications, low emissivity (Low-E) coatings and optical coatings. The systems are also suitable for optical characterization and measurement of sheet resistance.

Our current ex-situ measurement systems for glass with low-E coating go beyond the pure optical measurement of the coated glass pane. They can predict the appearance (technical parameters, emissivity, U- or G-value) of double and triple insulating glazing that will be created from glass panes of current production.

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Continuous quality assurance

and parameter control

Industrially proven & coordinated metrology

for optical & electrical layer properties

High quality yield

through comprehensive & fast characterization

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