Lithium-Ion Batteries
Vacuum Coating Equipment for innovative Cell Components

Lithium-ion batteries form the basis for electromobility due to their high energy and power density. But due to the high demand for high range and short charging time, the need to increase both parameters without limiting safety and service life is high: with next-generation battery cells.

To achieve this, new electrode materials, functional cell components and the optimization of interfaces in the battery cell are becoming increasingly important. Thin films produced by vacuum deposition offer you a solution to the challenges for next generation lithium-ion batteries.  

VON ARDENNE focuses on current collectors and anodes of next-generation battery cells. For example, we have developed effective coatings on current collector foils with various research institutions. They serve as corrosion protection for electrolyte materials in solid-state batteries. With an adapted layer system, they can also be used as a lithophilic layer for anode-free cell concepts.

In addition, we are working on replacing the current foils made of aluminum or copper with polymer films that are metallized by vacuum coating. These metal/polymer composite films prevent thermal runaway of the battery cell in the event of damage, thereby improving safety. They also save material and weight.

To meet the demands of this high-volume market, we offer highly productive roll-to-roll vacuum coating lines with coating widths of up to 2.8 meters.

Would you like to learn more or find out about other potential vacuum coating applications in lithium-ion batteries? Then click on the information below or contact us directly.

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